I want to share with you my experiences and encourage you to feel empowered as you walk this path with your child. Yes, my daughter's freshman year may have been harder on me than my daughter. And yes, you need to get really good at parenting from afar. But this is what we (moms) have worked so hard on for the past eighteen years. Relax, enjoy, cry, but most importantly, be proactive in making this a smooth transition for everyone. Here's what's next:

  • Growing Up - Moving On
  • Purpose Over Perfection
  • Work is the Best 4-Letter Word You Can Teach Your Kids

Mom's Essential Ingredients to Successfully Move Your Child On to College: Online Workshop with Julie Ruley

Topics Include:

  • Will the Tears Ever Stop?
  • Hovering vs. Grounded
  • My Roommate Isn't Perfect (and Neither am I)
  • Saying Goodbye Well

Go from Scared to Prepared! Let's call this MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!